We are living in many worlds. It is not only the earth we are walking on and exploring but also the world within ourselves: our imagination, the visions we have and the dreams. Our inner child wants to play and dream with us. But unfortunately, in a world based on harsh realities, we dim our light, our voice within. What if we start to see things in new perspectives? When walking through a forest becomes a walk through a different world, with never seen characters and beings. What if we stop identify almost everything with ourselves? And instead of identifying, starting to observe?
Observing- this is what I truly love doing. My inner and outer world, as we say: as within, so without, as above, so below. And I translate this love into my passion: writing. I write to understand, to reflect, to imagine, to explore, to tell stories and to heal. Now, also to share.
I genuinely believe that we share love by doing what we love. Love can uplift and awaken us into our real power. To know our authenticity, we need to become whole again. Accept everything, what we have denied of ourselves. I call this self-love.

Welcome to freshartroots.

I see freshartroots as a platform, where I express my self, connect, be creative, celebrate life, come together with kindred souls and collaborate. It’s about everyone, who touched my soul, taught me, it’s about the experiences and the stories that connect us. It’s a place between the invisible lines, where pronouns disappear.