Let’s take the word: express.
(latin) ex – out
(latin) pressare – to press

Dictionary – “to communicate what you think or feel…”
If you ex-press yourself, it means you are pressing out thoughts (energy), which is inside you. And when you do that, you expand. You are expanding your energy by expressing yourself. If you don’t, you are basically f*cked up, because the universe is expanding itself. And you are in this universe, which means you ARE a part of it, which means it is in your nature, in your authentic self, to EXPRESS and to EXPAND. And if you’re not doing that, you might explode (which is a very fast version of expansion, haha) like a balloon with too much PRESSURE inside. For some of us means to express oneself, to dance or to help people or to write or to love or to take photos or to film… Because everyone is unique, and so will be their true EXPRESSION.

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