What should you eat? What should you wear? With whom should you be with? And what should you believe in?

For example, let’s take food. The fuel of the body. More and more friends of yours don’t eat meat anymore, because it is more beneficial for the health and environment. Or maybe they love animals and see them as friends instead of food. Automatically you feel the desire in you to stop eating meat. If this desire was born in you, because of others decisions, it won’t last. It will be a phase. Your body is not ready yet to undergo this change. You may not eat meat for one month, but after a while, you will start eating it again.

When your soul makes a decision, your body will follow. How will you know? Suddenly you won’t eat meat anymore, because you won’t like it anymore, or you won’t feel like you can continue with eating it. Something inside you is bursting itself up against this particular thing. This is a change, which will last, because the desire was not triggered by others, it is your soul’s desire. We learn many languages in school, but we have almost no idea, about how to connect with the body and how to listen. Don’t underestimate your body’s wisdom. Your body is faster in acknowledging if someone or something is meant for you than your brain. The body is extremely sensitive. If you give lots of attention to your thoughts, you won’t be able to hear your body’s message. The first step to hearing and receiving the messages of your body is throughout cleaning. Eat things, which brighten up your mood, give you more energy. Because everyones body is different and so will be your diet. Experiment and figure it out, which foods are the best for your current state.

The second step is your relationship with your body. Are you gentle with your body, including your thoughts? Are you best friends? It is important to build a healthy relationship with your body. Why should your body talk to you, if you blame it? The third thing is the flow. Never ever put pressure on yourself. Be aware that things, which are meant for you, will flow. Everything around you is working for your best. You are surrounded with a tremendous amount of helpers.

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