Everyone has its own tiny world. Don’t we? This super comfortable bubble we live in. Where we can take off all our masks and weapons, which we use to protect ourself from others. This is not protection, it is separation. Making walls will not protect-it will dry you up from the inside. And how do we live? Most of us work regularly from 7 to 5 and then we enjoy our lives on the weekends with alcohol excesses and watching 20 hours of TV series. And if we want to work, we lack motivation. Why is that so? And why do so many people have the problem to get things done?

It is a process of growing. A plant grows under different circumstances. There will be thunder, storm, sunshine, wind and rain. And you may learn in this process to dance, sing, whatever your heart desires. However, these are only side skills. The most important thing is called; self-mastery. This main skill needs time-even lives. You can watch/read philosophical, esoteric or spiritual content and maybe they will help you to understand yourself better but wisdom is within yourself. If you are willing to listen, wisdom will be revealed to you. And how to find this stillness, balance inside you? Let it go. Everything. Do things you love, work with passion, always go with your feeling, but let that shit go. We don’t own anything nor have we the power to control. Control is an idea, which keeps us aways from accomplishing our goals. Let that go.

You are meant to flow like a jellyfish. The jellyfish isn’t able to control the direction. The jellyfish flows with an ultimate trust to the universe. Letting go means to trust. Let us trust.

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