Through Movement is a poetic short documentary about four people, who share their personal views about Ecstatic Dance and their way of expressing themselves.

This film is a final year project by Irem Anan for her bachelor’s degree at Zurich University of the Arts, Design Department, branch Cast / Audiovisual Media.



David is a DJ, a Yoga Teacher, a father, and so much more. There is no need to classify anything but to challenge and to approach life playfully. Just go with the flow.


Johanna is the founder and organizer of Ecstatic Dance Swiss/Zurich. Through dance, she believes everyone can discover, explore, unleash, and enhance their individual potential to live a fulfilling and meaningful life. „By engaging our senses and listening to our bodies, we connect to others and shape a consciousness that extends beyond our own.“


Demian has a passion for dance and the healing arts. On the one hand, he works currently as a lighting technician in a theatre and on the other hand he guides meditations and does energy healing. He is also interested in self-observation and understanding oneself more profoundly. 


Bina currently works as a circus therapist, yoga teacher and does fire shows for festivals. She travelled for three years in India, Nepal, South East Asia and Central America where she discovered her passion for contact improvisation, tantra, meditation and especially ecstatic dance. In nature, she recharges her energy.


I started to dance at the age of five. I tried many different dance styles, but in none, I found that kind of satisfaction I have, when I was dancing just by myself, in my room, where I could express myself trough movement ultimately. With expressing, I mean creating a place, where I could be with my feelings and allow them to find their way back to space through movement. I started to dance every day, after work, after school. But then I stopped – because I had other priorities; like passing my exams and achieving good grades in school. I prioritized my education more than my self-expression, which made me feel out of balance. I depressed one side of me, which lead me literally into a depression. Now, remembering that time, I realize how important it is, to never stop the unique flow of expression. I believe that everyone has this source of pure creativity, a thing which he or she can do so easily and makes oneself feel so balanced and light. And this „thing“ which flows automatically from ourselves is our unique expression, which we were born with. But most of the time it’s hard to recognize and appreciate it because for me, at least, it always felt so natural to express myself through dance, so I thought it might also be effortless for others to do the same as well. And because it was so natural for me, I couldn’t see and appreciate the beauty within my expression. And this inspired me to create a film where self-expression is in the upfront. In my research process, I came across to Ecstatic Dance Events, which are Events, where people go to, to express whatever wants to be expressed with music and through movement.