Lately, I have figured out why I procrastinate and how it is possible to overcome this habit. I’ll go this way.

First, you have to practice self-observation so that you are aware of what you are thinking. As an observant of your thoughts, you step back and give your thoughts some space to enfold. By only doing this you don’t merge with your thoughts, so this state relieves stress. Thoughts are variable, and they can change very fast like you do, as your body does, your cells, your feelings do. See yourself as a soul with different kind of tools to experience and heal yourself and the world around you.
Let’s pretend you are in a sushi restaurant and you are sitting on a sushi bar and in front of you a sushi treadmill. The sushi on the treadmill are your thoughts, and you have the freedom to choose which sushi you want to eat. As an observant, you give yourself the freedom to interact with a thought which is selected by you.

Now, about the hurdles. The number one is the fear of failure. You don’t want to face a problem which could occur after starting. It’s the fear of not being able to solve it. The problem here is you’re focusing on fear. Instead of that pick the thought (for example): everything has a solution, and if a problem should pop up, you’ll find a solution. Or: everything will work out for my and others best. Secondly, something can seem too arduously.

For example, let’s take sports. You want to exercise, but you can’t motivate yourself in doing so, That’s because you are focusing on how hard it’s going to be. Instead: focus on the incredible feeling you will have after exercising.

Additionally, procrastination goes hand in hand with a negative feeling. By learning this observation technique, you will find the cause to the negative thought, the thought which amplifies this negative feeling towards starting with anything. If you know which thought it is, replaces it with a thought which gives you the positive perspective on the same „problem“. That will provide you with a positive feeling, and that will release any energy blockages you have. So that you can start quickly and full of energy with everything you want.

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